Tuesday, June 19, 2007

That Breed Was on My "Warning List"...

A long time ago I was complaining about the condescending "Adopt Don't Buy" dog people. I realize that many people end up with wonderful mutts they acquired from a local SPCA or shelter, but it's WRONG to criticize us breed-people because you have NO idea what you're getting with a mutt. Just as those people think it's irresponsible to BUY when there are dogs that need homes, we breed-people think it's irresponsible to bring a dog of unknown origin (breed traits) around children. I am NOT saying don't get a rescue/shelter dog --I'm just saying don't belittle those of us that want to KNOW what we're getting into.

There are a few no-no breeds (working at a vet for 9+ years gives me the authority to say so I think) and they are:
Pit Bulls
Staffordshire Terriers (aka Pit Bulls)
Chow Chows*
Cocker Spaniels

Now, I am not saying ALL of these breeds are always bad. I know many sweet Huskies, ONE sweet Chow and rumors of nice Dalmatians, but these are the dogs I have consistently seen turn on vets, techs and their owners without a second thought.

Anyway, I bring this up because yesterday morning I was driving behind a "Don't Buy" mini van and then yesterday afternoon I read this article:

"A 1-year-old dog turned on its owner, killing her with bites to her throat and arm, authorities said.

Phyllis G. Carroll, 63, bled to death after being mauled by one of her two black chow mix dogs Sunday, said Fayette County Coroner Joe Todd.

Carroll kept the dogs, a male and female from the same litter, in the yard behind her home. There were no witnesses, but Todd said authorities believed it was the male, the larger of the two, that attacked Carroll." (source)

And to the "Don't Buy" lady -reputable breeders make you sign a spay agreement and you don’t get the papers until you have faxed veterinarian verification that your dog has indeed been neutered/spayed. It is NOT the breed people that are creating the unwanted dogs...

(*The fact that these dogs are inherently nasty is a travesty as I think they are one of the cutest breeds out there.)

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