Friday, June 29, 2007

Subpoena Fights

I think that should be the attitude of Republicans to the latest congressional-White House showdown over subpoenas, executive privilege, etc. These kinds of fights are passionate affairs for insiders and partisans of both sides, but I think are generally off-putting to the public. There's really not much more damage that Democrats can do to Bush with this stuff. What are they going to do? Take him from 29% to 27%? But they can further cement their own role in the ongoing saga Inside the Beltway called, "Everything Everyone Hates About Washington." Republicans can hope after another year-and-a-half of this both parties will have unpopular high-profile symbols, Bush for the Republicans and Congress for the Democrats. That will make a little wider the best opening a Republican presidential candidate is likely going to have in '08, which is running as an outsider who is not vested in the tired old politics of the last 8 years. This strategy becomes even more plausible if the Democrats run a senator who has been a powerful fixture in Washington since January 1993.(source)

Gee, who could he be talking about? Hhhhhhmmmmmm, January 1993???

Gotta love that dress. At least the hat hides her mug.

Now, as for that outsider, who could that be?

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