Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Study Says Muslims Need To Integrate...

A new study says that Muslims remain isolated in the U.S. and unless they are integrated into the mainstream they may devolve into fundamentalism.

"..."There is an urgent national need for Muslims and non-Muslims to work together to create full and equal opportunities for civic and political participation of Muslim Americans," the report said.

For the first time since World War Two when the U.S. government rounded up and interred Japanese, many are questioning the loyalty "of a largely unfamiliar and largely immigrant American community," said the report written by a task force of 32 individuals from business, government and academia.

Six years after the September 11 attacks focused attention on them, Muslim Americans remain "largely outside the U.S. mainstream," the report said, even though they are an often well-educated and diverse group with the potential to make important contributions to civic life.

"The Muslim American community lacks strong institutions and recognizable public or political voices to gain regular access to government and media circles," the report's executive summary said.

"Some existing Muslim American institutions have avoided foreign policy issues for fear of drawing unfavorable scrutiny," it added..." (source)

The glaringly obvious flaw of this study is that the cultural isolationism seen by Muslims in the US has nothing to do with 9/11. It is the same in every country around the world. Even the liberal Netherlands is now seeking to require Dutch be spoken by all immigrants due to the fact that Muslims there refuse to integrate. Muslims have no desire to be a part of an infidel society. That would be like asking fundamentalist Christians to hang at strip clubs. Not.Going.To.Happen. So, if the conclusion was the youth would be sucked into fanaticism without integration, but the majority reject integration...where does that leave the citizens of the United States?

There are some backslidden moderate Muslims that appear to want to fit in according to the NY Post yesterday:
"WHEN non-Muslims think of Islamic fashion, they usually imagine stark black dresses and plain white head scarves, or even burqas - uniform outfits that afford little room for originality.

But Saubia Arbab, like many of the city’s young Muslims, defies stereotype, making the look her own with a unique blend of old and new..." (source)

Jules has a great post up about how jihad has finally created equality for Muslim women...

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