Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sorry Guys, Another Paris Post...

"She will become a real Hollywood star from this experience," he said. "If she handles it like a famous person and goes to a military base, visits Walter Reed, then Hollywood will embrace her. It's very forgiving. It's not like she insulted the Jews."

I heard this snippet of an article as I was driving around yesterday right before I had to get out of the car... Damn Paris had piqued my interest yet again. Had she said something belittling the military? Did this little brat actually disparage our troops from her isolated cell?

I looked it up the second I got home and she had actually said something decent:

""Being in jail is by far the hardest thing I have ever done," she said in a statement Saturday. "During the past several days, I have had a lot of time to think and I believe that I am learning and growing from this experience."

She also said she was "shocked" by the attention her case has received and suggested the public and media focus on "more important things like the men and women serving our country in Iraq."

Media image consultant Michael Sands said Hilton's only hope at selling her new found humility is a genuine change of behavior.

"Showing is doing," he said. "If Paris is really concerned about the media paying attention to the men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan, then why didn't she sign autographs at military bases and hospitals?"

This would be a big deviation for Hilton, who is more famous for where she parties and who she parties with than her philanthropy -- or talent as a singer and actor, said celebrity publicist David Brokaw." (source)

I know it's all just lip service right now, but I think Paris should follow up with this publicists' suggestion. I'm sure the boys at Walter Reed wouldn't mind her sashaying about signing some autographs...

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