Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Sister-in-Law To Be...

Yesterday was a day of "laughter through tears"...

One of my younger brothers (Germ) did his JYA (Junior Year Abroad) in Japan and met a wonderful girl there (Ruka). A few months after his return she came here for a year of school. She lived at my mom's house most of that time. Unfortunately her VISA expires and she boarded a plane for her 13 hour flight back to Japan early this morning.

Ruka is amazing...not only is she a concert pianist, a licensed Japanese calligrapher and an 'A' student (even taking all her classes in English and taking Spanish classes here), but I found out recently she only learned English 3 years ago. You would never know by talking to her. She pretty much puts all the people that have lived here forever and can't speak the tongue to shame.

So the fact that she is leaving is the tears part, but the laughter was that they got engaged!!! This news made her departure a little easier. Of course she has yet to break it to her traditional Japanese parents that she is planning to marry a round-eye… ;)

Wh-Asian (her word, not mine!) nieces and nephews for me! LOL


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