Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sharpton to the Rescue

It seems that the Reverend Al, defender of justice, flew right out to Cali to confront the sheriff that let Paris out of jail last week.

"Sharpton later told reporters what happened with Hilton points out the unfairness of the legal system. He noted that people who, unlike Hilton, cannot afford big-dollar lawyers and doctors have no chance to get an early release from custody. Baca has denied giving special treatment to Hilton by sending her home to finish her sentence." (source)

What I'm wondering is if Sharpton flew to California when OJ was released. Was that unfair celebrity treatment or is unfair only about race? I'd say turning two people into Pez dispensers is hellavu lot worse than driving drunk.

That being said, I think the sheriff (Hiltons gave to his campaign) was dead wrong...but (about to state the obvious) Sharpton is a hypocrite.

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