Friday, June 08, 2007

Poor Paris... Yeah Right.

After just two days in a non-gen-pop cell, Paris "suffered a mental breakdown" and the Sheriff's office decided she "wasn't mentally fit for prison." Who is!? She had to do 23 stinkin' days.

I think everyone out there in jail for their 3rd offense DUI should appeal using the Paris Hilton Defense. This has set a precedent right? We SAY we take drinking and driving seriously...unless you own a chain of hotels obviously.

Listen, I'm the first one to tell my kids that "Fair" is only found in the dictionary --but I'd prefer it if the bullshite wasn't this blatant. I like to at least pretend justice is blind... MADD is pretty mad about it too.

She has another hearing today -and hopefully she will be back in jail. Not out of spite, jealousy or malice but the appearance of impartiality.

All this as Scooter Libby gets 30 months in jail for lying about leaking something someone else has admitted to leaking --that really wasn't even a leak because there was no expectation of privacy?

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