Thursday, June 28, 2007

People Just Don't Get Ann...

To get Ann Coulter's humor you have to be very pop-culture savvy. Most politicos aren't. Almost everything Ann says is a clever play on what someone else has recently said (and the MSM glossed over).

The huge flap over her "gay-bashing" Edwards comments was directly referring to Isaiah Washington's gaffe on the set of Gray's Anatomy.

And her recent comment about Edwards (he is an easy target) was a play on something Bill Maher said about Vice President Cheney.

So, if you aren't up on pop culture. If you're above reading People Magazine and watching Access Hollywood...don’t read Ann 'cause you just won't get it. When you don’t get it you end up calling up TV shows and making yourself look silly...

"...Elizabeth Edwards pleaded Tuesday with Ann Coulter to "stop the personal attacks," a day after the conservative commentator said she wished Edwards' husband, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, had been killed by terrorists.

"The things she has said over the years, not just about John but about other candidates, lowers the political dialogue at precisely the time we need to raise it," Edwards said by phone on MSNBC's "Hardball" program, where Coulter was a guest.

Elizabeth Edwards said she did not consult her husband before confronting Coulter on the air, adding that she felt the pundit's remarks were "a dialogue on hatefulness and ugliness..." (source)

Hey Elizabeth, Ann just inserted your husband's name for Dick Cheney's. What I have to wonder is if you called Hardball after Bill Maher said he wished the Vice President had been killed by terrorists. Did you ask Maher to stop his show? yeah, I didn't think so... You're just not hip enough to get Ann.

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