Monday, June 04, 2007

"Peacefully" Protesting the G-8 Summit

The "Group of Eight" annual forum doesn't seem like anything much than world leaders getting together to talk world problems and shmooze...yet it is always bedecked with protests. Why? Because China's not a member? Because people love to hate the "man in charge" and this is a chance to yell ay 8 in one shot? I don't pretend to know.

What I do know is the groups that protest always claim to be peaceful (along with advocating and protesting for peace) and it always ends in violence.

"Protesters with black hoods and bandanas covering their faces showered police with rocks and beer bottles Saturday, before the heavily armored officers drove them back with water cannon and tear gas during a rally against an upcoming Group of Eight summit.

Black smoke from burning cars mingled with the sting of tear gas in the harbor-front area of the northern German town of Rostock, where tens of thousands of people had marched peacefully to a concluding rally. The clashes broke out among hundreds of stone-throwing demonstrators and police on the edges of the crowd as the event neared its end.

Some 146 police were hurt, 25 of them seriously. Police said they made 17 arrests.

It was an unruly start to a week of rallies and other expected protests against the three-day G-8 summit beginning Wednesday in the fenced-off coastal resort of Heiligendamm, 14 miles from Rostock." (source)

I know we've discussed this 10,000 times, but doesn't the impeach Bush/Peace is always the way crowd ever take a look at their movement and see why no one takes them seriously. If they can't even be peaceful for one afternoon -how can every person in the world be peaceful forever?!

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