Friday, June 22, 2007

Noisy Kids...Go to Jail?

Wow, good thing the Long Island Kostakis' don't live behind us! When the older one antogonizes the little one (which is 23 hours a day) his cry puts a siren to shame...

Now, all of us here currently with kids were at one time childless. Hence we've been on both sides of the 'annoyed by other people's offspring' dilemma --except we now understand something we didn't before we had kids of our own...they aren't puppets you can control. How many times have we all said, "If that were my kid, I'd (fill in the blank)". Then you have your own and you punish and threaten and rant and rave, but at times they still do what they want. Damn that free will...

A Long Island couple now faces jail time (15 days) and a $200 fine because their girls scream, squeal and laugh while playing in their backyard pool. Some snarky neighbors have a petition accusing the girls (11 and 5) of violating a part of the "village noise code". The frivolous lawsuit instigating (childless) couple is Mark & Angie Kostakis.

Thankfully a Bayville judge threw the case out. The parents are upset it went to court, but say they will try to keep the girls quieter.

I'll make that guy a deal. I'll take the family with the laughing, squealing little girls and he can have my neighbor with the wife in hospice and the neglected barking 24 hours a day Cujo-sounding St. Bernard. I don’t have the heart to complain. Deal?

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