Monday, June 18, 2007

Nifong Disbarred: Sharpton & Jackson Apology to Follow?

"District Attorney Mike Nifong was disbarred Saturday for his "selfish" rape prosecution of three Duke University lacrosse players - a politically motivated act, his judges said, that he inexplicably allowed to fester for months after it was clear the defendants were innocent.

"This matter has been a fiasco. There's no doubt about it," said F. Lane Williamson, the chairman of the three-member disciplinary committee that stripped the veteran prosecutor of his state law license.

Even Nifong and his attorneys supported the decision, though the veteran prosecutor refused to admit to the end that no crime occurred at a March 2006 lacrosse team party.

The committee said Nifong manipulated the investigation to boost his chances of winning his first election for Durham County district attorney. In doing so, he committed "a clear case of intentional prosecutorial misconduct" that involved "dishonesty, fraud, deceit and misrepresentation." (source)

I watched a little bit of this trial last week and couldn't believe how much information was withheld. These kids had their lives ruined so this guy could beat an African-American woman in a race for prosecutor?! I mean if it was for the Presidency...or even a Congress seat, but damn.

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