Sunday, June 03, 2007

Moths Are Evil

When I was very young (so young my parents had a new Grand Torino with a white vinyl roof) a moth flew directly into my ear in the car. I have loathed moths every since then. I am not afraid of them; I just think that they are incredibly stupid. They have no care if you are driving, about to serve the point tying volley, or doing open heart surgery...they will kamikaze your face and callously flap their powdery wings all over you.

Last night as I was washing the largest Henkel’s knife we own (The Man insists the dish washer will harm them somehow), a giant moth decided to emerge from no where and suicide bomb my head --causing me to jump and almost sever my thumb. This further solidified my distaste of the Lepidoptera.

Stop laughing 92alpha, I was startled NOT scared... It's all fun and games until someone loses a thumb! ;)

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