Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mixing Business With Pleasure

The Man is working down at the Jersey Shore (Yes, when the sand is in New Jersey it's "the shore", but anywhere else and it's a's a Philly thing) and the owner of the vacation house told him to bring his family along. This actually happens quite often when he's working down there, but we have never taken anyone up on the offers.

This time we are. We need to get away -even if it's just for a night. And it is just for a night. Two days at the beach, a nice dinner and a night on the Atlantic City boardwalk sounds like a much needed diversion until we can figure out when North Carolina can happen this summer...

For the first time I will be internet-less. The hotel has complimentary wireless, but thanks to Dell our laptop monitor took a crap like 5 seconds after the warranty ended. I believe Dr. Tony is also on vacation right now --and somewhere a bit more culturally-enriched than A.C. ;)

So, I guess I'll "see" you all on Friday. Feel free to do stuff I wouldn't do ;)

(If you really miss me (ha), you can always go read the guest post I wrote for The Man -but it's the re-telling of an actual event, so there's language I wouldn't normally use here.)

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