Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Mass Murderer or Selfless Paratrooper...
Who Gets the Hollywood Movie?

The mass murderer of course... "Challenging Heaven" will soon be in a theater near you. Hollywood producer Steven North is looking to spend $40 million- $60 million on a movie that will portray Chinese Marxist Mao Zedong "in a positive light":

"This is a very positive portrayal of Mao, and we are hoping that one the script clears the approval process, China will come up with services and support," North said." (source)

The lives lost under Mao are estimated between 40,000,000 to 100 million people.
"It is reported that horrible forms of torture and killing took place. Jung Chang and Jon Halliday claim that victims were subjected to a red-hot gun-rod being rammed into the anus, and that there were many cases of cutting open the stomach and scooping out the heart.[8] The estimated number of the victims amounted to several thousands and could be as high as 186,000." (source)

Is the world so bereft of decent people that we need to keep digging up the bones of Communist dictators to glorify?

Why not THIS GUY. Specialist Robert H. Dembowski Jr., paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne, who was killed by small arms fire at a Baghdad checkpoint.
"In his last phone conversation with his mother, Frances, Spc. Dembowski told her that he would never take freedom for granted again.

"The people here have nothing, but they don't complain, and they are totally appreciative of what we are doing," he told her. "We are so spoiled. We don't understand how much we have."

He especially loved the Iraqi children, his mother said.

Before he left for Iraq, Spc. Dembowski told her that he hoped to return home, but would rather be the one to die than see any of his buddies killed. He had a generous spirit, she said.

In his speech at the veterans' memorial dedication, he said that when people argued that the United States shouldn't be in Iraq, he told them: "Since when is it not OK to try and make the rest of the world a better place? We're all humans. We're all on the same team, and teammates help each other."

That's the movie I wanna see. The movie about the guy that said he was "at peace with the idea of dying young" to serve his country, not about the guy that has been dubbed "the most prolific mass murderer in recorded history."

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