Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Marching for the Terrorists

I realize that I have posted about this tons of times in the past, but I STILL don't get it. I don't get the people that believe the terrorists housed at Club Gitmo should have all the protections of a US citizen (they're NOT). but I really don't get the people that would take off work and take time from their lives and families (assuming they have any of the aforementioned things) and march for these men that are detained for treachery against America and American troops. The same terrorists who have in the past been released from Gitmo only to be captured AGAIN trying to kill American troops. Please tell me what logic these people are using...

"In Washington, several hundred people rallied in favor of restoring legal rights to prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay. But San Diego Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter says that's a bad idea.

Hunter: According to our Armed Services staff, 100 percent of them have had the review. So whoever gave you the information that very few of them have been brought up is wrong. They all have.

Critics say the tribunal process prevents the accused from consulting a lawyer and allows evidence that may have been obtained using torture. Legislation restoring the right of habeas corpus has been introduced in both houses of Congress, but faces an almost certain veto from President Bush." (source)

I barely have time in the day to check my email. I have tried to go to the Milblog Conference, the Gathering of Eagles and the last two Freedom Concerts but I have obligations and a family. How do these people have so much "me time" that they can go make signs and rally for people that would behead them without a second thought?

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