Friday, June 01, 2007

Mandatory Assemblies Have Sure Changed...

A mandatory assembly at Boulder High ("STDs: Sex, Teens and Drugs" by the Council on World Affairs) included "panelists [that] talked to hundreds of high school students about the difficulty of maintaining an erection while using condoms, the naturalness of experimenting with same-sex relationships and why drugs should be legalized." (source)

Predictably enough, Newshounds lambasted O'Reilly's coverage of this incident. They say: "O'Reilly needs to be stopped. This situation at Boulder High School is an internal issue which has been handled carefully and thouroughly (sic) by the school administration. O'Reilly has no right to demonize these educators so he can look like a great crusader." But what the geniuses that are "watching FOX so we don't have to" need to ask themselves is 'would the situation have been "handled internally" if O'Reilly hadn't brought it to the public's attention'?!

And how it's been "handled" is: Next year they will still have the assembly, but it will be voluntary. I would think even the most liberal among us would be ruffled by a group discouraging condom use among high school students, promoting bi-sexuality and drug use…

Where are all the AIDS awareness groups' voices on this?

I wonder how a mandatory on "Creation" or "Pro-Life advocacy" would go over?

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