Wednesday, June 27, 2007

George Michael Now Looks Like a Saint...

"A woman told police that she was walking into the bathroom with her children, and noticed Hernandez and Jimenez naked and apparently performing oral sex. She said another woman was photographing the acts.

The pregnant mother said she tried to leave the area with her children but the women would not let her leave. She said she was threatened not to call the police.

Hernandez and Jimenez face lewd and lascivious exhibition charges as well as battery on a pregnant person, false imprisonment of an adult and child under 13 years old.

While the women were being transported to the Seminole County Jail, an officer said that Hernandez apparently bit Jimenez inside the patrol car, according to the police report." (source)

I don't know what I can really add to this story other than I hope these two are treated for whatever mental disorders plague them... You don't often read stories about sadistic lesbians tormenting breeders and their offspring. I wonder how old the kids were and how their mother explained this little disaster to them...?

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