Thursday, June 28, 2007

First "Rape", Now "Prostitute"

Of course you all remember the post about the judge that banned the word "rape" in his courtroom... Well, not to be outdone by us Yanks, the Brits have banned the word "prostitute" in favor of "person". Really.

"...In a dramatic softening of the law on prostitution, only 'persistent' street offenders will face any police action.

The term 'common prostitute' will be banished from English law. Instead, sex workers must be referred to as 'persons'.

In the final act of the Blair Government, Ministers also announced that tens of thousands of convicts who re-offend will receive softer punishments or escape jail altogether..." (source)

I wonder if hooker is still okay... Truthfully, I'm not sure why prostitution is illegal anyway. It is a huge industry -let's regulate it (with mandatory HIV, AIDS, HEP C testing) and tax the hell out of it... I wish we spent as much time worrying about pedophiles than if someone gets paid for sex...

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