Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Episcopalian Church Goes Further Into Lunacy
And I'm Equally Offending All Organized Religion

One thing I have to say about the fundamentalist Muslims...they don't change the tenets of their faith regardless of who it offends (or kills). Not so with Mormonism which rescinded its stand on polygamy (though it was in the religion’s original plan). Catholics, who removed bible verses, ditched purgatory and accepted birth control. Call me old fashioned, but if your respective bible truly is the Word of can it change with the times? Is it a living breathing document or is it divine instruction? You can't have both. You actually believe or you like the concept and you dabble.

The Episcopalian Church has seemed strange to me since I was little and saw people putting rolled up money into a huge golden cross... But now it’s beyond just seeming strange:

"Shortly after noon on Fridays, the Rev. Ann Holmes Redding ties on a black headscarf, preparing to pray with her Muslim group on First Hill.

On Sunday mornings, Redding puts on the white collar of an Episcopal priest.

She does both, she says, because she's Christian and Muslim.

Redding, who until recently was director of faith formation at St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral, has been a priest for more than 20 years. Now she's ready to tell people that, for the last 15 months, she's also been a Muslim — drawn to the faith after an introduction to Islamic prayers left her profoundly moved.

Her announcement has provoked surprise and bewilderment in many, raising an obvious question: How can someone be both a Christian and a Muslim?

"There are tenets of the faiths that are very, very different," said Kurt Fredrickson, director of the doctor of ministry program at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, Calif. "The most basic would be: What do you do with Jesus?"

Christianity has historically regarded Jesus as the son of God and God incarnate, both fully human and fully divine. Muslims, though they regard Jesus as a great prophet, do not see him as divine and do not consider him the son of God.

"I don't think it's possible" to be both, Fredrickson said, just like "you can't be a Republican and a Democrat." (source)

Yet the Episcopalian Bishop is "excited" about their new inter-faith priest...I mean, we can just delete all the Biblical verses dealing with the Trinity --the Jehovah's Witnesses did...

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