Friday, June 22, 2007

Deadbeat Dad Tries to Benefit from 9/11

Kenneth M. Caldwell was killed in the WTC on September 11, 2001. Kenny had been raised by his mom. His father had left when he was just a toddler and played no role in his life. Not only was Leon Caldwell Sr. physically and emotionally absent in his son's life, he was also monetarily deficient and owes over $12K in unpaid child support.

"...Because Caldwell, 30, died without a will, [his mother] Elsie Goss-Caldwell, 59, a West Philadelphia tax preparer, was named administrator of his estate, which received an award of $2.9 million from the 9/11 Victim's Recovery Fund.

About three years ago, Leon Caldwell, 59, who had left his wife and two sons about 1973, when Kenneth was 2, moved to claim half the money in his son's estate because he is the biological father.

Goss-Caldwell then sued to have her ex-husband legally disqualified from sharing in the estate, contending that he abandoned the family and played no role in his son's emotional or financial support.

Richard M. Chisholm, Caldwell's lawyer, has argued that Caldwell supported his family until 1975, when he moved to Paterson for a job and his wife began putting up impediments to visitation.

Caldwell says he lost contact because he could not afford to sue for visitation or shared custody." (source)

On my ride to Atlantic City I was listening to one of the morning DJ duos discuss this case with the appropriate disdain for this low-life, but was absolutely shocked and appalled at the number of MEN that called to defend him and take his side.

This Philadelphia born 9/11 victim was 30 years old, so even if the ex-wife was keeping her kids from their father when they were little --what is his excuse for all the years after they turned 18?

AND, child support IS NOT optional. You don’t pay it when you want or when you and the ex are getting along. It is for the SUPPORT of the children you brought into this world. Not seeing your children is putrid enough, but not making sure they have all the things they need is beyond despicable.

The nerve of this dude missing every life milestone and then finally showing up to sign a death certificate so he can get money. If the names would never have been published this guy wouldn't have even known his son was dead. And the nerve of the guys that called to defend him...put your hatred for your ex-wives aside and think about the travesty of this...

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