Monday, June 25, 2007

Communism Remains Campus Chic ...

I LOVED this article:

"One sure sign that academia is failing in its mission can be seen in the lack of understanding by the young of the toll taken by communist regimes around the world throughout the 20th Century, that continues to accumulate to this very day. “Ask college students, and I have, how many Stalin killed and you get the answer, ‘thousands,’” University of Pennsylvania history professor Alan Charles Kors said on June 12th at the Heritage Foundation. “That’s like saying Hitler killed hundreds of Jews.”

“Communism claimed 100 million victims,” Emil Constantinescu pointed out in the same forum that Dr. Kors addressed. “In my country, Romania, we had one million dead and one million political prisoners out of a total population of 16 million.” Constantinescu was the former President of Romania..." (Read the whole article)

We have all kvetched about the Che shirts, the Castro support...there's a story about ditzy Cameron Diaz wearing a Maoist logo and offending the people of Peru...and you have to wonder: what the heck are kids learning in history and political science classes these days. Are there major revisionist history lessons in the curriculum? In high school we had huge discussions about Communism/Socialism being the ideal society, but that they could only exist in a Utopia. We discussed the reality of men and corruption and absolute power. We talked about all the failed attempts at this style of government. Then again, I went to a Christian high school… I guess there's something to be said for not excluding God from education...

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