Monday, June 04, 2007

Co-Blogger Found!
Welcome Dr. Tony

One cool thing about life is you never know what or when doing one thing will lead to another. Volunteering at your kid's school can segue to a job there (or a better class assignment for your kid the next year). Political Blogging can lead to emails from DC wonks, subsequent friendships and yummy inside information. And doing a dreaded internet meme can lead to the discovery of a co-blogger that fits in great thanks to Blue Collar Muse for tagging me with that last meme which led to Dr. Tony coming on board as the new Blonde Sagacity co-blogger!

Dr. Tony is a Tennessean and (from what I can tell) a total work-a-holic. He works in a large community hospital Emergency Center, reviews medical records for disability claims at a nation-wide disability insurer, and serves as a Deputy Sheriff on the SWAT team for a local county, as the medical asset. He is board certified in Family Practice, Sports Medicine and also a Certified Independent Medical Examiner. He may also walk on water...I'll let you know. Gee, I wonder why this guy doesn't have a hobby!

I am really happy to have him onboard and am quite convinced that his voice will be a much needed addition here!
Welcome to the fray good doctor!

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