Saturday, June 09, 2007

Better Late Than Never...

During the course of quite a few conversations here over the past three years, there have been a decent number of Anti-Iraq-War-people that have claimed "the entire country was behind invading Afghanistan". The argument they supply is that Afghanistan was okay because we were attacked, but Iraq was illegal because there was no connection (I guess these people would have only fought Japan and not Germany...?) I, among others, made the point the before Iraq was even on the table people were already protesting the idea of taking action against al Qaeda/Taliban in Afghanistan...and still would be if Saddam hadn't taken center stage.

Once someone asked for proof -and I knew I had pictures, but couldn't find them at the time. I was looking through our stockpile of photos the other night because the little one had a "timeline of his life" project due and I finally found it. The pictured photo was taken on September 15, 2001 in front of the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. The smoke was still smoldering at Ground Zero. The line of protesters stretched around the building.

The granola-cruncher in the front forefront and I exchanged a few words that day... The back of one of the many signs he had that read "Don't kill innocent Afghani children", there were Clinton/Gore '96 stickers (at least he recycles). I felt the need to point out the irony of the placard that he was campaigning for two pro-choice candidates on one side while advocating the sparring of "innocent life" on the other...

You'll notice the sign in the background says "Only Acts of Love Bring Peace". I guess the billions the U.S. give in world aid doesn't qualify.

So, a little late, but this is for those that said (and I quote) "no one was opposed to military action against Bin Laden in Afghanistan."

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