Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Tribute and a Rant

There are many video tributes to the troops on YouTube, and a lot of really good ones. This one may be my favorite. It was made by a 15 year old sophomore who plans to enlist in the Army after high school. Her profile page says, "I only hope I can make America as proud as our troops have today, and I hope I can honor them in a way they deserve with my videos." I think she has.

Of course, this is a sampling of some of the brilliant responses she received:

"Thank you very much for wasting five minutes of my busy life. Congratulations on mastering the mecca of knowledge we all know as microsoft movie maker(Oh wait, I probably shouldn't be making making a muslim metaphor-you probably would claim I was a terrorist)." --oober349 (this genius' profile name is "Gansta Crossin')

"Thousands of great soldiers continue to be discharged while our country needs them. The republicans need to put this country's needs over the hatred their party promotes. But thousands continue to serve in shame, fighting for a country that doesn't consider them worthy of fighting for their country!" --lou773

My patience is running thin with the Keyboard Cowards that run rampant on the web. There are ways to disagree without being a colossal asswipe. It never bothered me that much before, but for some reason it really gets to me now. I KNOW these people are wallflowery social outcasts in "real" life. They have no one in their small misanthropic existences so they feel the need to make the virtual world stomach their wrath. Sorry guys, virtual people don't like you either and your asocial behavior is as obvious here as it was on the playground that scarred you.

(H/T: andy)

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