Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sick Day...

I need a sick day. I have no idea what's wrong with me, but I feel like crap. I was in bed all day yesterday (Don't rent "Music & Lyrics" -I love Hugh Grant, but that movie was a colossal disappointment) and I'm still not right.

If I would have had the strength to post today, I would have had to pick from all this:

  • Don't be jealous, but Jesus is my friend on MySpace.

  • That Master Sgt. Michael Wert, a Marine with the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing, drowned while saving two young boys with his daughter in Atlantic Beach, NC. Semper Fi.

  • A Shiek of the religion of peace in Australia, the deputy spiritual leader of Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali, has told his students that it is "obligatory" for all Muslims to engage in jihad if an Islamic country is under attack, even if it means killing the enemy's children. (source)

  • A platoon commander in Haditha who ordered Marines to "clear" four houses he believed insurgents were using as a base of attack testified Tuesday that the assault was entirely within the rules of engagement. (source)

  • Katrina Jr. --Predictably enough, Democrats are already politicizng the tornado in Kansas.

  • Republican Lindsey Graham thinks Americans that are against ILLEGAL immigration are bigots --and thanks McCain and Teddy Kennedy for helping him see the light. And this as we learn of the illegal status of the would-be Ft. Dix bombers.

  • Final Judgment Goes Against NOW in Abortion Class Action Suit -- After 21 Years and Three Supreme Court Decisions Tables Turned Against Abortion Providers as Pro-Life Groups Have Free Speech Rights Upheld. (source)

  • Steering away from earlier convictions in which they would distance themselves from Christianity, The Mormon Church has spent million in campaigns to liken themselves to a mainstream religion...but Al Sharpton isn't buying it.

  • Okay, so it seems I need to work on the not posting part of an "I'm not posting today" post...

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