Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Prickly Subject...Interesting Debate

I would love to know what all of you thought about this OpEd... It laments the new Hate-crime bill that was passed by the House (Bush says he'll VETO it) and makes it a crime to preach that homosexuality is a sin. Does that mean that Christian, Catholic, Mormon and Muslim preachers/teachers could all be jailed for teaching the Bible (or respective book)?

"...On May 3, 2007, the House took an important step toward shutting down the First Amendment by expanding the “hate” crimes law to include sexual orientation. Now our nation has accepted the notion that all sexual orientation, including gays, necrophiliacs, adulterers, pedophiles, etc, are seen as special victim groups requiring special federal protection.

The agenda behind this “hate” crimes legislation is the same the world over.

Sweden: Arrest and trial of a pastor for the “hate” crime of preaching against homosexuality based on parts of the Bible that are now forbidden there.

Canada: Pastors and ex-gays arrested and fined up to $17,000 for endorsing the heterosexual lifestyle. Again, the Bible is the weapon found at the crime scene in most cases.

Philadelphia: Eleven Christians arrested for peacefully demonstrating against homosexuals, using the dreaded Bible as their argument.

...If all goes as planned, sometime soon, no doubt, we will see a roundup of pastors who subscribe to the Biblical view of homosexuality. They will be declared hate criminals and locked away where they can do no harm any longer.

Twenty-five Republicans voted for this bill to muzzle you. It is on track to become the law of the land, although the President has said he will veto it. Even if he does, it will come up again under a Democrat president and the Republican lapdogs will sign on..." (Read the entire piece)

Here is a piece that presents the other side of the debate:

"...It’s to be expected that people of God would oppose violence against others because of their skin color or choice of religion. Yet, somehow, adding in gay people changes things. What happened to “Hate the sin, love the sinner?”

Apparently, the adage is not applicable this go-around. Christian activists have launched petition drives to Congress, conservative personalities warn darkly of a “thought crime law,” and advertising campaigns are unfolding. Opponents argue that the law would stifle religious beliefs, and that the real intent is to strip away their religious freedoms altogether.

Yes, folks, right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A., a place where religious freedoms are held in such esteem that you can howl at the moon and call it protected religious speech if you believe that God wants you to be a nocturnal wolf..." (Read the entire piece)

I haven't read the bill in its entirely... But I have always been a bit leery of any "hate crime" legislation. If you assault or kill someone --it's a crime. What does trying to judge *why* a person did it make a difference? ANYTIME a woman is raped, it's because she's a woman --it's always a hate crime. Rape is rape and ALL should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Murder ALWAYS leaves someone dead regardless of why they were killed. Is one murder worse than another? Does motive make the victim any less dead? If murdering someone because they're Black or Gay or Muslim is a *bad* reason to murder them...what's a good reason? If this is specified by law to be *worse* there has to be a *better* right?

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