Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Populist Nominees

Remember the posts last week about Breck Boy? The 269 million and the soon-to-be-coming 50 million in pirate's booty? The charging over $50K for a poverty speech and the never-ending storied about being a mill worker's son? Well keep Silky Pony in mind as you read this hit piece on Fred Thompson...


Thompson is hardly the only Republican to have ridden phony populism to elective office.

Liberals, who go positively batty over such acts of political fraud, have no shortage of theories.

My colleague Jonathan Chait, who largely blames the press for enabling this scam: Republicans, according to him, realized long ago that political reporters are much more interested in making vague characterological pronouncements than reporting on matters of policy, or even relating biographical details. The GOP has exploited this quirk by placing character at the center of its campaign strategy, surrounding its candidates with the right atmospherics and mounting personal attacks on their opponents. Democrats, by contrast, believed themselves to be on the right side of most issues, and so they never invested much in these efforts..." (If you can stomach it, Read the entire article)

Is this a joke? The GOP has the copyright on the populist candidate? I really thought that second sentence was going to say "Liberals, who go positively batty over such acts of political fraud, have no shortage of their own poseurs." But when I continued and realized the author wasn't even going to acknowledge the amount of money in the corner of the limousine liberals who are still putting on hickish accents to "relate" to the people...well, let's just say I shouldn't have been surprised. But I am! Good Lord... That would be like me admonishing the left'o'sphere for using unflattering pictures of people on the right.

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