Monday, May 14, 2007

Philadelphia Inquirer Grants Request for Mil-Families

As far as the inkys go, the Philly Inquirer is an okay paper...yeah, they lean to the left, but I feel like they try to be even-handed. I also have become more forgiving as one of my favorite Professors (journalism) was an editor there for 20+ years and I have met and genuinely like Dan Rubin... Also, if it weren't for the MSM I wouldn't be Blogging. They hit the streets and I can just sit back and re-tell what they've written. I digress…

The Inquirer recently received a request from a Mil-Mom:

"...As reader requests go, Margie Miller's seemed more than reasonable.
"I've been trying to get The Inquirer to include the weather in Baghdad on the list of international cities," she said in a voice-mail message.

"Our son is one of 160,000 Americans in Iraq. And it's getting very hot over there." In under 100 words, Miller captured every military mom's fear and frustration.

Hearing her out was well worth the drive to Chester County, and not just because she was contemplating dropping the paper over the fact that the rain in Spain was deemed more important than dry heat in the Middle East.

"As a parent, you always want to place your kids," Miller, 53, explains over coffee at her 200-year-old stone house in the village of Marshalton, with a blue service star in the front window and a West Point mural painted in the hall.

I promised to help ease Miller's mind. The next day, Baghdad bumped Auckland off the weather chart. Miller sent me a lovely thank-you e-mail. But it turns out she's the one who deserves the credit.

Unbeknownst to either of us, one of Miller's many meteorological messages reached John Brumfield, a colleague on the national-foreign desk, before I could start nagging. He was already working on the case.

"I'm surprised nobody ever noticed it before," Brumfield tells me. "She should get a free subscription for this. It's really a no-brainer."

Miller was thrilled with the weather note, "even though it's going to be 105 degrees in Baghdad this week." One down, one to go, she says. Now, how about adding Kabul?" (source)

Hopefully this will prompt other papers to do the same --it may be something small, but it gives families a small connection to loved ones that are deployed...

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