Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Past Post "Correction"
RE: John Bruhns

Last Friday I posted about John Bruhns -one of Edwards spokesmen and an OIF Veteran that made an anti-Iraq war commercial directed by Oliver Stone.

The article I linked said that Bruhns was a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War and that he had proetested at Walter Reed with Code Pink.

Bruhns contacted me and said that he was not a member of IVAW (which seems to be born out in this interview) and that he was protesting at Walter Reed because he thought it was being shut down. He claims that he didn't know of Code Pink's shenanigans and was only there twice and never went back.

He's saying that Free Republic "slandered" him with this article. As I told him, I don't look to make my points by using half-truths or un-truths. I am posting this because if it isn't true it should be known.

Here is our correspondence:

First Email:
"To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to you regarding this:

I appreciate if you correct your record about me. I don't entirely disagree with your characterization of myself on your website.

There are two points I would like for you to remove:

1) I have been mistaken as a member of Iraq Vets Against The War. I am in no way, shape, or form a member of IVAW. Let's be clear -- I am not a member of IVAW.

2) I attended the Walter Reed vigil back in 2005. I first went under the impression that the vigil was an attempt to keep the hospital open in retaliation to the BRAC decison to close it. I attended one more vigil the following week and never went back. Since then I have personally written to members of CODEPINK asking them to stop the WRAMC activity and to take my name off of their website because I do not support the vigil. So it's unfair for you to say that I attended several vigils. I am currently seeking advice from an attorney in response to FReeper postings about
me to take legal action against those who misrepresent me on their website.
It's pure slander.

We obviously disagree with your views but I respect your right to have them. I only ask for the same courtesy. I am a veteran of the Iraq war with 8 honorable years of military service. I don't deserve this from others who disagree with my opinion.

Please do not take my kindness for weakness.

John Bruhns

After I read this email I was going to post a simple correction without a second thought. As I said in the original post, my only quarrel with this Veteran was that he was protesting in front of Walter Reed. If he said it was a misunderstanding I would take him at his word. (A secondary quarrel would be his opposition to the Iraq war based on no al Qaeda and "people hating us", but CBFTW fought al Qeada in Iraq and had Iraqis tell him if the USA wouldn't have invaded they wanted to "fly to DC and ask George Bush to invade"). I wasn't too happy about the last line, as it seemed a bit like a threat, but I figured he's probably taking heat for this at his job and I'd let it go.

BUT, before I got a chance to post a correction there was this email:

"I don't know who you are , but you are not from Philly. I'm from Philly -- I grew up there. I'm a proud graduate of Roman (Broad and Vine). I'm a Mayfair boy from Northeast , Cottman and the Blvd. Can you name the Blvd?
Probably not. You are probably a carpet bagger from suburbia. Please remove the slander about me from your website immediately."

My response:

"Dude, calm you think I sit in front of my computer all day? I am just reading your emails now. Once I read your email I had EVERY intention of posting a "correction" -though I shouldn't now after this shitty email. I don't look to prove my points through misleading people and if it's not true I don't want it up there. Actually I'll do you one better --I'll give you the forum and even offer you a chance to guest post to make your point, or I'll post your email to me. I'm fair and honest and not looking to screw anyone. It was a story and I posted it... The reasoning for the Walter Reed protest sounds a bit weak though. EVERYONE knows what Code Pink is doing down there. It's been all over the news/blogs forever.

BTW, My dad was/is a Lt. in the Philly Fire Dept --so yes, if you're from Philly you know that I HAD to live in Philly because of that. And I worked on that Blvd. (that I supposedly can't name) in High school -You might not be old enough to remember Bakers in the Roosevelt Mall where you probably shopped at Way Out... Dayum, feelin' silly?

Don't be a prick before you talk to someone --it's a WAY uncool side effect of the internet. You would never threaten me or act like that to my face (I hope) so you shouldn't do it from behind a keyboard either. It's rude and I'm sure it's not the manners that you were taught in the military and I'm sure you'd be pissed if someone wrote your mom the emails you wrote me.

You want your moment. Write something up and I'll post it tomorrow. Make it good though. My site readers are almost all active duty or Veterans.

-The PHILLY Girl"

I didn't hear back from him.

There you have -complete and full disclosure. Jeez, my karma is off this week.

UPDATE: I have heard back from John (who is no longer working with the Edward's campaign)--and to his credit he has agreed to meet me for coffee let me pick his brain. All the military personnel that I know (even if they are left of center) think we need to win this war in Iraq. I think it will be fascinating to meet and question someone who believes we should pull out. So, not sure when, but more to come...

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