Wednesday, May 23, 2007

OpEd Magic

For all those OpEd fans out there: Here's one that slams Rudy, Liberals, the Pro-choice movement and the Kos kids while extolling Reagan-- all in 20 small paragraphs...

A snippet:
"...The 'Kos' says, "Guiliani's party is both intolerant and unforgiving on the issue of choice." Wow. The issue is not choice. It is life. But to Rudy Giuliani and the lunatics at the DailyKos it is not life at all. It is choice. As if 'choice' means anything, other than life having no meaning.

One thing it does tend to mean is the consequence of a choice. Liberals do not discuss consequence. They can't. They can only discuss what has already happened and if something has happened then when presented with a similar set of circumstances it will indeed happen again. Damn the facts, bigotry reigns in liberals. Bigotry is after all, the result of making everything of the same 'color' or 'belief' the same thing, whether they are or not, and then blaming that 'thing' for what the 'blamer' cannot stomach as his own fault.

Ronald Reagan once described liberalism. "A baby is an alimentary canal with a loud voice at one end and no responsibility at the other." Think about it. Any creature that is obsessed with being fed for free, contributes nothing to society but noise, and takes no responsibility for the crap it shoves out can only be an infant, or a juvenile delinquent, or a sociopath or a liberal..." (source)

...And we're not even close to the primaries.

Another great piece is over at Slate. Christopher Hitchens bends Misery-Index-Carter over and gives him a sound licking for his latest gaffe.

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