Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Not All Teens Are Slackers...

"...Lunch for Logan Allie used to be a 20-piece pack of chicken nuggets, large fries and drink topped off with a double cheeseburger. The teen's dinner, crammed between school and his job, was often more of the same.

At 17, the Olmsted Falls High School student was up to 310 pounds. At 6 feet 4, he really didn't look fat, just pudgy.

But the U.S. Marine Corps doesn't take pudgies, and Allie, who wore camouflage fatigues everywhere as a kid, wanted to be a Marine.

"I really wanted to be a Marine because they're the best of the best,'' he said. "I told myself, 'I want a challenge, and this is the biggest one I can get.' ''

So he dropped 106 pounds in about 10 months.

On June 18, after high school graduation, he will ship out to Parris Island, S.C., at 204 pounds, or less — a lean fighting machine at 19 years old.

Kim Allie said her son has been an inspiration in a couple of ways. Not only has she lost 17 pounds because of his example, she admires his decision to join the gung-ho Marines with their tough reputation. "It means everything to him. He thinks the other branches aren't as strict. He wanted to prove himself.''

Of course, she worries about potentially sending her son off to war. "I said to him, 'Logan, what happens if you don't come home?' He said, 'Then I'll see you in heaven some day.' I'm glad he has such faith.'" (source)

Speaking of recruiting...you'll want to read this little piece about high school/college recruiting. I'd like to see some sourcing on that last line...

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