Wednesday, May 02, 2007

NAACP N-Word Funeral

"...Members and supporters of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People will conduct services and a "eulogy" for the racial slur. The mock funeral will be held during the NAACP national convention July 7-12 in Detroit, Rev. Wendell Anthony said Sunday.

"We are committed to ending hate — word and talk," Anthony said. "It doesn't do anyone any good, whether it's a journalist on TV or a rapper on the radio."

The announcement comes after a renewed discussion nationally about racial insensitivity, brought on by Don Imus' derogatory comments about black members of the Rutgers University women's basketball team..." (source)

Imus didn't use the N-word, so I guess this is coming from the pressure on Black leaders to hold the music industry to the same standards...

The other day my oldest was singing Ice Cube (don't ask...) which has the word "nigga" in it 4,000 times. "You can't say that word", I told him. "Why?" he asked.

Now, you have to understand, The Man and I don't say nigger. My kids have no idea what the history of that word is. Considering they only hear it in songs they listen to, they probably think it's a Black term of endearment...

"Because it's a rude word and it hurts people's feelings...not to mention the fact that if a Black person hears you saying it you're going to get your butt kicked whether Ice Cube says it or not."

"But they say it all the time, G____ and B____ call each other that at school everyday."

"They're Black."

"So I just can't say it because I'm white?"

"No, you can't say it because it's rude and demeaning."

"Then they shouldn't say it either!"


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