Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday's (Serious) Question...

Here's a chance to "Support the Troops" (well, *one* troop anyway) with no money needed --just your input.

Army Girl has to write a paper about State-Sponsored Assassination and a solid reasoning behind whichever stance she chooses. She's not sure where she stands and is asking for some arguments and reasoning for and against this drastic tactic.

This was my email response to her:

"Of course my first instinct is to say kill them -like if we could have killed Hitler before 6 million Jews, homosexuals and people with tattoos were experimented on and put into gas chambers... But it is a tricky subject because then who fills the power void? Someone worse? Or do we set someone up for that too? And then does it look like we're trying to colonize/control when really we just wanted to avoid a Holocaust/rape rooms/Taliban situation? Do we have a rebel regime waiting in the wings? Or do we kill the leader and allow the country to fight it out and assume they're still better off with the megalomaniac leader gone...?"

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