Friday, May 04, 2007

Meat: Let Your Kids Choose

I worked with a Vegan who looked a bit like an-even-skinnier Nicole Richie and her children were gaunt and pale and I always wanted to secretly slip them a rare burger... Even if you think you've found a way to simulate blood protein in your own diet...don't take that chance with your children. You had the CHOICE, let them make that decision for themselves when they're old enough...

"...A Superior Court jury in Atlanta convicted a vegan (VEE-gun) couple of murder and cruelty to children today in the death of their six-week old [named Crown], who was fed a diet largely consisting of soy milk and apple juice.

Twenty-seven-year-old Jade Sanders and 31-year-old and Lamont Thomas will receive automatic life sentences for starving the boy, who weighed just three-and-a-half pounds when he died.

Defense lawyers said the first-time parents did the best they could while adhering to the lifestyle of vegans, who typically use no animal products. They said Sanders and Thomas did not realize the baby, who was born at home, was in danger until minutes before he died.

But prosecutor Mike Carlson told the jury yesterday during closing arguments that they are "baby killers."

The jury deliberated about seven hours before returning the guilty verdicts." (source)

High five to that judge and jury.

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