Thursday, May 31, 2007

Marital Decade

I'm not a girly-girl about romance, Valentine's Day, flowers, or anniversaries... The Man gets annoyed because I'm the one that forgets what date we got married (actually, I never forget the date --I forget the year). He saved every letter I wrote him when I was in living in the UK and I kept not a one. I guess I have my mom to blame for that. Any little sentimental knick-knack was a potential "dust collector".

This is a big milestone though and it does mean something to me. I know people are losing bets everywhere. We got engaged 3 months after we started dating and married 3 months after that. I'm sure people either thought I was knocked up or they gave us "two years tops".

The other night I was looking through his box of my letters and I was shocked (and a tad embarrassed) at how mushy I was -I guess being a continent away will do that to a person. I had even written and sent him a POEM! Good Lord, I don't even remember doing such a thing --talk about how to lose a guy in 10 days! It's terrible. What was I thinking? I can’t write poetry…

Unspoken Promise (circa 1996)

Drawn into your light
Tonight I have fallen
Into the fire of your eyes.
You, my comrade in thought
Leave me bereft of excuse.
Nestle into my soul.
The courtship dance begins,
I falter with your every smile
Striving to keep up.
Tonight communication has
No words
Silent walls crumble,
Hope chisels brick.
I am hostage to the promise
Of you...

Well, obviously I had to marry the only man that ever inspired me to write (bad) poetry.

He actually wrote a lovely post yesterday -way more sentimental than mine (of course, it is tesco so there is a language warning)

Ten years later and I'm definitely sparing him the poems, but I'm just as sure that I made the right decision as I was that sunny May day 10 years ago (when we had to promise to have TVs set up all over the reception because the Flyers were in the playoffs...)

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