Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Magic Pill

I can just imagine every man rushing to the drug store after reading this...crushing this into their wives' drinks... Sorry boys, it's not available --yet.

"A DRUG that boosts female sex drive while helping women lose weight is being developed by one of Scotland's leading experts on human reproduction.

Professor Robert Millar has been working on a hormone that can be used to treat loss of libido, a problem that affects millions of women each year.

But Millar, director of the Human Reproductive Sciences Unit at the Medical Research Council, said the hormone has the added benefit of suppressing appetite.

Tests of the "wonder pill" on animals have proved successful, but Millar admits a version for humans could be as much as a decade away..." (source)

Stronger sex drive and less is a magic pill. Of course the side effect will be flowing back hair, but what's more important ;)

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