Thursday, May 17, 2007

Luddite Judge Hears Techie Terror Case...

"...A British judge admitted on Wednesday he was struggling to cope with basic terms like "Web site" in the trial of three men accused of inciting terrorism via the Internet.

Judge Peter Openshaw broke into the questioning of a witness about a Web forum used by alleged Islamist radicals.

"The trouble is I don't understand the language. I don't really understand what a Web site is," he told a London court during the trial of three men charged under anti-terrorism laws.

Prosecutor Mark Ellison briefly set aside his questioning to explain the terms "Web site" and "forum." An exchange followed in which the 59-year-old judge acknowledged: "I haven't quite grasped the concepts."

Violent Islamist material posted on the Internet, including beheadings of Western hostages, is central to the case.

Concluding Wednesday's session and looking ahead to testimony on Thursday by a computer expert, the judge told Ellison: "Will you ask him to keep it simple, we've got to start from basics." (Read the entire piece)

How is there anyone, aside from the Bedouin, that doesn't "understand" the term "website" in 2007? It's bad enough some 50% of this country claim they have never heard of a blog -never mind the news mentions blogs in some context every single day, but a website?

This is a technical age wrought with cyber-crime...if you're not onboard, you need to refresh, recuse, or retire. Especially with so many militant jihad sites cropping up daily.

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