Friday, May 18, 2007

John Edwards Says Protest Memorial Day Parades...On Second Thought, Send A Care Package?

I guess he didn't read Colby's "Men in Black" post...

(BTW: That's not CB narrating...)

"...John Edwards spokesman, Iraq war veteran John Bruhns, has been defending the Edwards presidential campaign from criticism over Edwards' call for people to protest the Iraq war at Memorial Day parades.

Appearing via telephone on the Fox News Channel's 'Big Story with John Gibson', Bruhns said that the Edwards campaign is backing away from the call to publicly protest the war at parades and is instead asking supporters to send care packages and to reflect on the war.

While Bruhns said that he himself did not support Edwards' call to protest at Memorial Day parades, he failed to mention that he has protested the war at a similarly hallowed setting: Walter Reed Army Medical Center where grieviously wounded Iraq and Afghan vets struggle to recover from their war wounds.

Bruhns spent several Friday nights outside the main gate to Walter Reed in 2005 with the terrorist supporting Marxist front group Code Pink after the group became notorious for taunting wounded soldiers with signs like "Maimed for a Lie" and "Enlist Here and Die for Halliburton."

Bruhns is a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War. IVAW called our soldiers in Iraq war criminals in testimony before the World Tribunal on Iraq in Istanbul, Turkey in 2005. The tribunal endorsed the terrorists in Iraq and their killing of American soldiers.

Bruhns is currently featured in a pro-surrender ad by that was directed by Oliver Stone (above)." (source)

Kerry must have rubbed off on Edwards...He was FOR protesting parades honoring those that have died in our nation's service before he was AGAINST protesting them.

...Is it appalling that an OIF veteran would protest in front of Walter Reed with Code Pink --he totally has the right to be against the was (though his "reasoning" sounded more than rehearsed), but to protest there?!

UPDATE/CORRECTION (5/23/07): John Bruhns contacted me to say this article has some things that aren't true. He says that he is not a member of IVAW or Code Pink. You can read his full statement here.

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