Monday, May 14, 2007

Hey, Prostitutes Might Make Good Teachers...

Well, that's what some Dems in Oregon believe. I mean, what are some past convictions for getting paid to have sex when there's young, impressionable children in need of guidance?

"The Oregon Senate has approved a bill allowing some women convicted of misdemeanor prostitution to be eligible for a state teaching license. Supporter Sen. Margaret Carter, a Portland Democrat, invoked the gospel of redemption and forgiveness, and the sins of judgment.

Carter had pushed a similar bill last session but withdrew it when it appeared it would not pass the then-Republican-run House. Some Democrats had problems with it as well.

The conviction would have to be at least five years old for a woman to be considered for a teaching license or other work in a school. Similar laws exist in California, Washington, Idaho and Nevada." (source)

When did "forgiveness" in this country come to mean consequence-free?

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