Monday, May 07, 2007

GITMO Terrorists Won't Talk to Their Lawyers

Imagine you're a GITMO "detainee" lawyer. Much of the country thinks you're scum...fighting for the rights of non-citizens that were attempting to kill our troops. But you believe in your cause and in your eyes, troop-killers or not, these Islamofascists deserve all the rights and protections of a US citizen.

But then, after all the papers files, arguments with friends and family, court appearances and trips to Cuba...your client won't speak with you because you're Jewish...or gay.

What's a lawyer to do? Certainly not blame it on the terrorists they're representing. No, that would be silly. They blame it on the officials and guards at GITMO...

"...Several lawyers noted that in the war-crimes cases, defendants were assigned military lawyers who visit them dressed in uniforms similar to those of some of the jailers.

Clive A. Stafford Smith, a lawyer who represents 35 detainees, said one of his clients, Omar Deghayes, a Libyan, had said that in lawyer-client meetings at Guantánamo, “we all know that everything we say in these rooms is being monitored by them.” Military officials say they do not eavesdrop on those meetings.

Mr. Stafford Smith also said several of his clients had described what he said were efforts by Guantánamo officials to foster detainees’ distrust of the lawyers. He said detainees had described investigators’ telling them that their lawyers were Jewish or gay or that prisoners with lawyers were less likely to be released than those without them.

Mr. Stafford Smith and other lawyers also said clients had told them of investigators who posed as lawyers and then questioned detainees

The military spokesman in Guantánamo, Cmdr. Richard W. Haupt, said each of those accusations was false. “It is our policy to in no way interfere with legal counsel,” he said. He said that military officials had worked to make it as easy as possible for lawyers to visit detainees and that there had been an increase in such meetings this year..." (source)

When it comes to Civil Rights activists, they always seem to take the word of a terrorist over that of an American in a uniform...

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