Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Condom Troubles

Last week some condoms were dubbed a "suspicious package" and caused an evacuation at a college in Des Moines. Postal inspectors were called in --and instead of a bomb, they found 500 condoms. (source)

And this week a family found a condom in their seven-year-old's Mc Donald's Happy meal. On the news they said that the jimmy-hat was still in the package, but this article leaves that to interpretation...

"...A grandmother was alarmed to find a condom in a happy meal gift pack bought for her 7-year-old granddaughter at a McDonald's (MCD) restaurant in New Zealand, local media reported Thursday.

The condom was discovered Tuesday night in a bag that came with Maia Whitaker's meal, which her grandparents bought at a McDonald's outlet in the city of Wellington.

Grandpa Rowan Hutch told The Dominion Post newspaper it was lucky his wife was first to look inside the small sports bag that came with the meal.

She was aghast when she found the green condom and its packet inside the bag, he said.

"I was pretty horrified really. The fact my granddaughter was going to look in the bag and find this thing. It would be difficult to explain, she's only seven," said Hutch.

The outlet quickly swapped the happy meal for a hamburger and pencil case. McDonald's is investigating the find." (source)

AND its packet. And why would it be difficult to explain a foil packet. I'm wondering of the news got it wrong.

Anyway, it's nice to know that people are actually buying condoms. I have met too many single and/or cheating people in the last five years that profess to never using them. Scary.

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Anonymous said...

this must suck for maia! i'm sitting next to her right now!!! she is age 16!! this incident has put her off condoms ever since!!