Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Castro Causes Liberal Quandary...

Fidel Castro, the seeming idol of the left, didn't attend the May Day rally but sent a 10 page letter in his stead.

In the lengthy communiqué "He reiterated his opposition to US plans to use food crops for ethanol for cars, predicting that American fuel needs would require the labour of the world's impoverished sugar-cane workers. He said May Day was "a good day to carry these reflections to the workers and all of the poor people of the world". (source)

He thinks that ethanol use is immoral and will raise the price of feeding the world's poor.

How will the Oliver Stones of the world reconcile this? They love ethanol, but Communist Castro thinks it's wrong to use perfectly good food and turn it into an evaporating substance... What's a good liberal to think now?

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