Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Why I Listen to Talk Radio...

People are always complaining that I only listen to talk radio (and not music) when I'm driving...and that I have to have the TV on (with the sleep timer set) to fall asleep. The thing is I am a total type-A personality. My brain jumps from one thing to the next with no rhyme or reason, which means I will expect you to read my mind and understand when I go from topic to topic with no set pattern. I will probably interrupt you if your story lasts more than 3.5 seconds (not to be rude, but because I have to tell you my pertinent thought before I'm on to something else and forget my brilliant pearl of wisdom). I know, it's annoying.

If I am listening to someone on the radio or TV, when I'm driving or attempting to conquer my insomnia, I can usually tune out my own thoughts. If there's music or silence, it's the same as being in a crowded room. Someone once told me to picture a blank wall. The I start seeing grafitti on the wall -and pictures, and the kid's grafitting --and wondering why they aren't in school...etc. Wow, I'm making myself sound like a schizophrenic... Don't fret, there are up-sides. The type-A tendencies allow me to be super-mom, super-wife, super-friend and super-daughter without breaking a sweat.

Oh yeah, my point... yesterday while I was driving to my subbing assignment, I decided to put my own safety aside and jot down the random thoughts as they came...

"Good lord, Hillary is actually running for President. She's talking about walking into the oval office as if it's really going to happen. Could we really end up with Billary '08?"

"Why didn't I use some play on Don Quixote with Teddy Kennedy's name in the Earth day post... That rules, why didn't I think of that before? Note to self, remember to work in some man of La mancha reference when next talking about the bloated Senator. Or is that another obscure reference that I think is brilliant and no one will get?"

"Why doesn't London get admonished for their part in Global Warming? I have never had to put a hankie over my nose in Philly like you do in London. I wonder if these people always saying how evil America is have ever been to London. You're on the street for 10 minutes, blow your nose and your snot is completely black. It's disgusting."

"Did anyone but Rose, Liz and I notice that the Cho guy from Virginia tech sounded just like Napoleon Dynamite? Did it escape them or did it just seem too much like a joke about a bad situation to make the comparison? Like the kid that died in the car accident after escaping the engineering building. I wanted to say it was like "Final Destination", but I self-censored."

"I think I'm close enough that I can go home at lunch today. I think I forgot to shut the powder room door and the damn dog is going to get into the trash again."

"Hey, a "W" sticker. "W Then and Now" I haven't seen that one before."

Okay, so you get the idea...

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