Thursday, April 12, 2007

When Blogs Collide...

Forget Imus...where is The Reverend Al when Condoleezza, Powell, and JC Watts are being ripped apart by the left...? Stuck in Hymietown perhaps?

The guys over at LGF linked a lefty blogger that had this posted:

"Oh oh....looks like a pouty Brown Sugar is going to ask Daddy to buy her another pair of Ferragamos Or invade another country.


..and a matching purse."

Now, I could care less what this kid thinks of Condi and pointing out the hypocrisy has just become tiring. I link it because the LGF readers all went over to this kid's comments and that, my friends, is an amusing read. (We have a unique situation here -most sites aren't used to the left and right mingling...)

But then when I refreshed the page I saw that this lefty Blogger did a post bashing my buddy Jules Crittenden:

"...It would seem that the high point of Crittenden's life was the brief time he spent embedded in Iraq where he dipped his dilettante's toe before high-tailing it back to Boston.

Honestly, if the Bushies can't come up with someone, other than some Marine General cut and run defeatocrat pussy, to carry on the war long after they have retired to tend to their war-gorged portfolios, Jules is going to run out of war stories by, oh, next Tuesday, around noonish.

The horror...the horror..."

Jules, don't fall for the hype and link this cat. He had a cavalcade of traffic after the LGF link and he's decided to try it again. He's just hating because you and Pat Dollard (two conservative journalists) were the only two with press passes in Iraq that had the balls to leave the Green Zone.

Apparently this guy won a 'Most Humorous blog' award, and I searched and searched but ultimately failed to be amused.

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