Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Westboro Baptist Church: The Most Hated Family in America

The disgust felt for the twisted Fred and Shirley Phelps & Co. shouldn't delve into a political pointing of fingers...all Americans should find their message and actions repulsive (not to mention incredibly blasphemous that they call themselves 'Christians')...BUT in case someone should pull the "this is the real face of the right wingers" card --read through this post on Phelps I did a while back (that documents his support and monetary donations to the Democrats--specifically Al Gore) The ACLU has also sided with the Westboro Baptist Church and their 'right' to hold "Fags eat Poop" signs at military funerals.

The BBC recently did a huge piece on the "Church" that can be seen in 7 installments on YouTube. I can't really think of a much better way to test your belief in Free Speech than by watching these people... These are really addictive and I wish Child protective Services could find justification to remove the children from this compound.

(*language warning*!!! -needless to say, these people get heated reactions wherever they go)

WBC: Phelp's Clan -Part I

WBC: Phelp's Clan -Part II

WBC: Phelp's Clan -Part III

WBC: Phelp's Clan -Part IV

WBC: Phelp's Clan -Part V

WBC: Phelp's Clan -Part VI

WBC: Phelp's Clan -Part VII

Some interesting tidbits:

They don't believe it is their job to "bring people to Christ", but they do believe that they are the "Evil angels".

If they had a dollar for every middle finger they got, they'd be billionaires...

Interesting quote: "Jews hate God, worship the rectum...and killed Christ." See, until now I was completely unaware of the rectum-worshipping aspect of Judaism...

Many of them are lawyers...elucidating the fact that you can have a brain and still be completely bereft of common sense and humanity.

As horrible as they are, I don't agree with pelting their children with objects from moving cars.

They believe they are all going to hell too and they are happy their family members will burn in hell for their sins...

Apparently even Billy Graham is a "hell-bound false prophet" that is "heading straight to hell" "Armenian heretic" that "will soon die" and "Westboro Baptist Church will picket his funeral".

The girls say they have no friends other than the church members --and the church members are all family. All the people do look alike (all of them have unusually large foreheads and pronounced front teeth) So, is there inbreeding going on? That could be the key to send in DHS.

My final deduction after watching the entire piece: Using their lingo...Fred Phelps is the embodiment of homophobia. Anyone that bases their entire life condemning homosexuality is obviously running from it themselves...IMO anyway.

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