Friday, April 27, 2007

Veterans Shunned by the Philly PD...?

I'm not sure if this has made it to the national news, but due to the demand for police officers and the fact that we have had more homicides in 2007 than there has been days of the year...the brass has been hitting the streets. Pretty scary if you ask me --a bunch of out-of-shape desk jockeys putting their partners at risk...

Anyway, you'd think that a city such as this...where the Brotherly Love has been less than forthcoming...they'd welcome back the OIF and OEF veterans with open arms. Philly seems to be a combat zone lately and what better training than dealing with the religion of peace over in the Sandbox(es)? Well, you'd be wrong:

"Policemen and women called to serve in the US military as reservists or guardsman, often find they can’t return to full duty as police officers in this city.

They return to work in their department, but they are actually prevented from carrying a gun and returning to street patrols.

The city, in most cases, carries them at their regular police rate, though some awaiting re-certification have had their pays reduced. They are all relegated to desk and other clerical duty. All worry they could be de-certified and forced out.

There are approximately 60 who now fall in that category, the majority of whom have returned from reserve or national guard duty in Iraq or Afghanistan." (source)

(Big H/T to AlexC over at PA Water Cooler)

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