Monday, April 16, 2007

USA Today has Breaking News!

USA is reporting a new study done by the International Journal of Health Geographics that has found that should the USA be hit with a nuclear attack..."hospitals would be overloaded"! OMG! Who would have thought?! THANK GOD money was spent on this study and a journalist was promptly dispatched to fill us all in on this groundbreaking conclusion...

"...If terrorists detonated a nuclear weapon in a city, "it is reasonable to expect that the health care system would be overloaded with massive numbers of patients requiring an array of professionals with specialized training," write the study authors, William Bell and Cham Dallas of the Center for Mass Destruction Defense at the University of Georgia in Athens. "If this already stretched medical community was also severely impacted by the very attack that requires its response, the effects would be even more devastating," they argue." (source)

They argue? As if anyone is disputing...? Isn't this the point of preventing the attack...?!

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