Monday, April 02, 2007

Union Confrontation...Well, Almost...

Liz called me Saturday morning and said one of the unions was picketing outside of a salon we have both used. The salon, Gary Charles and Associates, is building a small addition and apparently is using independent contractors. I know for a fact the sheet metal union went to bid the job and said it was too small for them --and I know the HVAC guy that got the job (and contrary to their witty little flier*, he's making good money on it)...

I told Liz to get ready and that I was picking her up so we could go "cross the line" and buy some hair care products to show solidarity. She saw them at 11:30 and it was 12:45 when we got there. They were gone! Even lazy about their picketing! We thought for sure it would be the Carps (carpenter's union), but it was Local 98 (electricians). And as The Man pointed out, when was the last time you saw an electrician build an addition?

Here is what I was going to say:

"Can I ask you a serious question? I want an answer from your own head though and not Local 98's bulletin points. What if this job is the only one this contractor got this month...this little job on the outskirts of the city? He doesn't have the right to pay his mortgage and feed his kids? Even though you completely monopolize the rest of the city, he can't have this one job?"

"We didn't actually need anything from the salon today, but came to buy something because you are here and to thank Gary for appreciating the fact that EVERYONE has the RIGHT TO WORK."

But alas, they had already traipsed back to the union hall to get their load on. So I called the salon and told them that I appreciated the fact that they didn't bow to the union's pressure and that I would put a complimentary ad on my site to thank them.


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