Monday, April 23, 2007

Two Sad Stories...

One of the Virginia Tech students that escaped the engineering building during Cho's rampage, was killed in a car crash Friday night.

"A Virginia Tech freshman who returned home with his family after last week's campus massacre was killed in a car crash, his father said Sunday.

Jeff Soriano died from his injuries Friday in Senatara Norfolk General Hospital after he was pulled from the wreckage of his burning vehicle, police said." (source)

His poor parents...

The picture is from his MySpace page (atl east I'm pretty sure it's his) -posted after the events in Blacksburg and labeled "VT...". very sad.

"The Navy has identified the pilot of the number six Blue Angels jet who died in Saturday's crash as 32 year old Lieutenant Commander Kevin Davis from Pittsfield, Massachusetts. This was Commander Davis' second year on the team and his first year as a demonstration pilot. He was a decorated Navy pilot with more than 2,500 flight hours. He was also a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom." (source)

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