Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tuesday Question...

"If you were guaranteed honest responses to three questions, who would you question and what would you ask?"

I have a million I could do in my personal life, but they wouldn't mean anything here...so I'm going to keep this in the political/pop culture realm.

1) Ask President Clinton if he did indeed rape Juanita Broaddrick.

2) Ask President Bush if the government had ANY part in 9/11 (then the conspiracy people would have to shut up).

3) Ask Robert S. Mueller (director of the FBI) the juiciest secret the public doesn't know but the FBI does.

1 comment:

Godwin said...

For 1) and 2), I don’t get why asking questions whose answers one can already find out by oneself.
For example:
1) http://shop.americanfreepress.net/store/p/20-HILLARY-AND-BILL-THE-SEX-VOLUME.html (in the “What's in the Box” tab)
2) http://wikispooks.com/wiki/9/11:Israel_did_it